Teorema Terminal website

We focused on making this website very friendly for the user, so that a person could immediately appreciate the advantages of the complex and find the relevant information in no time. The site consists of the information of the unit rentals and warehouses specs. The first part introduces the visitor to the most important specifications of the object by means of animated maps, infographics and galleries. A visitor can easily find detailed information about renting of a particular warehouse section and also simply contact the warehouse online. What was especially nice during the work on this website in contrast to many other objects, the complex does have a lot of unique advantages: excellent location in terms of delivery and redistribution of goods, the railway access to the storage facilities, and many internal features like splinker fire-extinguishing system and the internal power supply system. It is much better to develop marketing materials when it comes to the really high-quality and well-designed product. In this case, a designer or any other specialist really devotes him- or herself to working on this project professionally, and with a sincere desire to communicate and prove that the object is actually the best of its kind. This fully applies to Teorema Terminal and we are proud that we have been entrusted to work on this project.