Bank Tavrichesky logo design

The natural choice. Feelings, emotions and senses are exacerbated when a person is immersed in the natural environment. Then there comes the real understanding and calm of confidence. Consciousness becomes clear as one truly understands what is it that he or she really wants and can get. Only then the natural aspirations and goals emerge, born of this freedom of choice, when there are no restrictions on the circumstances. Only then one has a choice as unforced as the nature that surrounds. Bank Tavrichesky. The natural choice creates limitless possibilities. We have developed this concept in order to create a new and fresh brand message carrying a natural and un-pushy feeling. We were given a direction to develop our ideas on, and we came up with an idea of splitting the logo into two parts. The first one resembles banks' traditions and conservatism, its reliability and its history. The second part shows the outer world, natural and open space, out of any boundaries.The boundary between the natural and the material gives a powerful impetus to the development. Just as where the water meets the land, soft meets solid, wet meets dry, the life is created.